Bubble Bath

a cute asian chick having fun in the tub

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Jason (1 year ago)
KyleB - I love your perspective on this issue. Clearly the oilnne groups have marketed themselves and the potential benefit of utilizing their services effectively (honestly and ethically is a different story). Any/all of the oversight, such as with the boudoir photographer, can be prevented with skills of a basic accounting student! If a business doesn't have the basic tools needed to run the business for profit, then I don't expect them to last long.I see how this can be an unfortunate downward spiral in this industry, with a regression to Dust-Bowl Marketing (I can do it for 50 cents. No! I can do it for 25 cents. NO! I can do it if you feed me.) I know one's abilities will outlast and clients who genuinely realize this is a once in a lifetime' moment' will find the happy medium between price and talent.But to return to the Boudoir photographer: if she she doesn't have 50k to shell out on a marketing plan, a get rich quick' plan is all the more enticing. I would think the better way to provide a discount , without demeaning oneself or one's peers, is to discuss pricing with vendors. Continue operating at normal price, however if you feel a small discount could seal the deal, then that plan B is available. A small cut to profits is better than no profits. But by keeping it confined to the vendors with whom you work, you aren't hurting your integrity, value, or industry. Just remember account for all of the costs beforehand and run some Cost-Value-Price analyses and voila!! You know your margin of safety and how much profit you can afford to lose and still say safely in the black.
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